Use Message Shortcuts in Live Chat

Search and send pre-saved message templates while chatting with customers
Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 2 years ago

To search and send a message template,

  1. Go to the text composition bar on the live chat panel
  2. Next type in the forward slash "/" followed by the Shortcut keyword previously setup for the saved message. Eg /Out of Stock 

  3. As you type the Shortcut, you'd see the list of pre-saved match shortcuts the match the characters typed.
  4. Select the Message shortcut you want to send. If your list of Message Shortcuts is very big, you can navigate the list through up and down arrows. 
  5. Click on the Message shortcut you want to send. After your click the pre-saved message will automatically get copied in the message compose text box. 

  6. You can make edits to the message as required. 
  7. Once done click on the send icon to send the message to the customer. 

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