Update Customer Details

Use Live Chat to update customer contact details if shared with you via chats
Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 3 years ago

Often, customers will share contact data with you in order to help you reach out to them to follow-up. You can update it to relate it to the Customer, so that it is available for you when you export Customer data. 

Note: Ensure you have clearly provided your privacy policy for users so they know how you handle their data and their rights

The following data can be updated to associate with your customer:

  • name
  • email address
  • contact number

This is useful if you have the Web chat plugins. For Facebook and some other platforms, names may be auto-populated but you can update the name if required.

Updating name, email and phone number

By clicking on the name, or the text boxes for email and phone number, you are enter values OR edit and update the values, and these will be updated.

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