Understanding your customer details in live chat

Overview of the customer details panel available in the Live Chat module
Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 3 years ago

Jumper's Live Chat module is equipped to help you with all the information about the customer and their interactions with you, to help you have an informed conversation. Let us explain the different sections available:

Let us walk you through the different sections within this Customer panel:

  • Assigned agent: View the agent assigned to the user, or re-assign to a different agent

  • Customer details: Basic details about the customer including email address, phone number, gender, timezone, locale, last active time, Facebook PSID

  • Source: Provides information on where the customer is chatting from. For social platforms, it will mention the name of the platform. For Web chat users, it will also show the Origin (which URL were they on), City and IP address and the device if available

  • Tags: Customer tags that the agent can apply to the user or if auto-tagged from one of the bots
  • Custom data: Fields which you may want to capture about the customer. For example, date of birth, preference indicated, etc.

  • Past purchases: Shows the list of all purchases made by the user, and on clicking each of them, details of the order.

    Note: This is only available where purchases are made via Jumper
  • Past interactions: View a history of which agent(s) have spoken with the user

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