Tagging customers

Segment customers for remarketing, retargeting and creating custom audiences
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

A tag is a way to easily segment your customers. You can add and remove tags from users to indicate that they are a part (or not a part) of a certain demographic, group, product preference, interests and a whole lot more

These tags are automatically sent to your Facebook Inbox too to assist you in creating custom audiences

How to add / remove a tag?

Adding tags works from 2 primary areas

  • From Live Chat and;
  • Customers

For this article, we'll walk you through how to add/remove a tag using Live Chat

On the right side, you see the Customer / Actions (create order) panel - next,

Scroll down to a section named Tags

Tap + Add tag and type in the tag relevant to the customer, you can re-use the tags as they'll populate automatically for you to assist in faster input and tagging.

To remove a tag, click the x right next to the tag and it'll be removed from the customer information.

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