Setup & Manage Message Shortcuts

Enable agents to quickly send messages to customers from pre-saved templates
Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 2 years ago

Message shortcuts help you pre-create responses for your live chat agents to quickly search and send to customers.

To setup Message Shortcuts go to settings tab and then click on Live chat settings

  1. In the Live Chat Settings page, navigate to Message Shortcuts

  2. Under the shortcut text box, enter a keyword, that can be easily remember and used to search the message. eg Out of Stock
  3. Next enter the Standard Message you want to send to the user. 
  4. Click Save

After you have saved the Message Shortcut you can see it the list below

To edit a message shortcut,

  1. Navigate to the message shortcut you want to change and click the edit button it. 
  2. After clicking the edit button, the shortcut keyword and message will be auto populated in the form above. 

  3. Make the change as required and then click save. 

To delete a Message Shortcut, navigate to the message shortcut you want to remove and click the delete icon. 

To send these pre-saved messages from the live chat follow the Use Message Shortcuts in Live Chat

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