Setup automated message to reply to customers who request to talk to support

Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 2 years ago

Many a times while talking to a bot, a customer may have a query which hasn't been pre-configured and may request to talk to a Human agent or support. 

They can do it, by either directly texting a message like "I want to talk to support" or click a button you may have configured to start live chat. 

You can set up an automated reply to send to customers when they request to talk to support while interacting with your bot or menu buttons. 

This message helps you setup customer expectations for your teams standard response times or request the customer to provide more information. 

To setup the talk to support automated message, 

  1. Go to the Settings tab and then click on the Live Chat Settings
  2. Once inside the Live chat settings page, navigate to Talk to Support Message.
  3. Edit the pre-added message as per your business operations. 
  4. Click save.
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