Reassign conversations

Assign relevant team members and routing conversations
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

Assigning conversations in some cases is also termed as team member/agent routing and can be used primarily to assign and notify incoming messages.

This helps ecommerce businesses to optimally handle and balance conversations

Auto-routing and auto-assigning is currently under development

Assigning team members is on a first serve opt-in by the team member. What this means is the first interaction done manually by pausing the automation and the team member who replied first to the chat is automatically assigned, till then you may see a green tab right over the text input box saying bot is currently active.

Assuming an agent has interacted with the customer, you'll see the name of the Assigned agent with a button to the right saying Re-assign

Tap Re-assign, to display the list of team members and tap the one you want to assign the conversation.

This will trigger an automatic email to the team member with the direct link to the conversation so that they'll waste no time finding who the customer is.

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