Internal Team Notes in Live chat

Drop notes for team members to get up to speed
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

Notes are for internal usage only. These can be added by team members and are added in-line within the messages.

Notes are not visible to your customer

This feature is very helpful for team members to provide context when either reassigning to another team member and/or communicating upsells while assisting your team member who is conversing with the customer too!

Notes support Mentions that assist team members to tag each other and will be notified in real time via e-mail

Tap the icon and the text input field above should turn yellow like in the example below

This means you're ready to compose notes and tag team members too! 

While composing the note, type @ to activate the team member list for a quick fill to mention and send a notification too to both the e-mail and in-line

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