Using follow up & reminders

Marking conversations as follow up and setting reminders
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 4 years ago

Theres times conversations don't immediately get resolved or a customer has a query that couldn't be answered in real time.

At such times you want to make sure you follow back up with them once you have an answer. To make this sweeter an experience for you, we've enhanced following up with reminders you can set for yourself.

The reminder will then trigger off an e-mail exactly at the time you want and an in-dashboard notification to make sure you don't miss the prompt reply.

Here below is an example of how this works

Clicking the star will make the conversation as follow up, similar to how bookmarks work in your browser to revisit later

Once clicked, here's what it looks like

Follow ups can also be found through filters in the customer list panel on the left, like for an example see the below screenshot

Jumping back to follow ups and reminders.. the icon of the bell that you see next to the star is a reminder setup.

The bell only shows up when you set a conversation as a follow up

When you click on the bell, a menu that looks like this will pop up with various settings for optimal usage

You can now set a reminder to remind you with either the preset options or set a custom date & time along with a note to remind you what the conversation was about.

Key that in the Add reminder note text box and tap Set reminder, simple!

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