Add Discounts to Orders Created from Live Chat

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Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 2 years ago

You can apply 2 types of discounts via live chat

  1. Free products
  2. Order discounts (% or flat fee)

For each order creation the applicable discounts for the items in cart will automatically show in the order creation/update flow after the "Add products" > "Add customer address" steps. 

You can select the following combinations while applying the discounts

  1. Add multiple free products
  2. Apply 1 order discount (ie you can choose only one discount listed under this section)
  3. Add one or more free products and apply 1 order discount. 

Note: If you don't see the applicable free products or discounts, verify the following,

1. The account you are currently using has permission access to apply discounts. You can view and update this from Store > Settings > Team members, click edit and update the user permissions. 

2. The discount is applied to the specific product(s) in the cart.

3. The discount rules (ie validity date, availability, order value, usage limits) match for the order & customer.

To check points 2 & 3 please go to Store > Discounts settings, click the edit icon beside the discount to view the discount settings. In case the product is missing from the disocunt or any of the rules, don't match, please update the same. You can following this guide for adding and updating discounts.

4. The discount is inactive. 
For point point 4: Please go to Store > Discounts settings and check the status of the discount. In case the discount is inactive you'd see the following.

To activate the discount, click on the activate button beside it.

Tip: If you don't want to show free items, among the list of products available to add to cart, follow the following steps,

1. Go to Store > Products and click on the edit icon beside the product. 
2. On the right hand side, you'd see the options to update product image and tags. Below which you will see the option for "Visible on store."
3. Turn the "Visible on store" switch to "No" 

Note: This will also hide the product from your webstore page. 

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