Create cart for customer during live chat

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As you guide your customers and recommend your products, you can also create/update the items in their cart and share to chat, for them to quickly review, checkout and pay for the order right in the chat. 

1. Add items to cart on behalf of your customer

i) Click on the customer from active convesations list on the left side and then click on  "Actions" tab on the right side of the live chat dashboard.

ii) Once you click on the actions tab, you'd see the following options. Click on "Create order".

Imp: You can only create orders for customers, who have messaged your business in the last 24 hours. If the selected conversation didn't get a response from the customer in the last 24 hours, then none of the above options will be available under the Actions tab. 

Next, you will see the list of all products added to your store. The products most recently show the first. 

Tip: If you want to find a product quickly you can search the same by typing it in the search bar above the list of the products. 

iii) Click on the  plus icon beside the product you want to add to the customer's order.  

iv) Next select if you have variations, select the product variation from the dropdown under "Select Variant" to add to the order. 

And then select the quantity of the product to add to the order and click "Add to Cart"

Note: If your admin has given you access to edit product prices via live then as shown in the example above, you can also add the prices/item after deducting any discounts you are offering to the customer. 

If you don't have product variations, like in the example below, then you can just select the order quantity for the products, update the price/item as required and click "Add to cart"

As soon as you add a product to the cart, the "Actions" tab would change to "Update Cart" tab and a small cart icon with a count of products added will appear on the top right.

You can continue to add more items to the cart as per your conversation with your customer and view the list of items added during the conversation by clicking the cart icon as shown above. 

2. Update order

i) Edit price, quantity or variation

If you want to view and update the quantity, variation or price of any item in the cart, just click on the plus sign and make the change and click "Update".

ii) Remove item from cart

Same way if you want to remove an item from the cart, click "Remove" button as shown in the example above.

Tip: The cart icon will also show if your customer is already interacting with an automation and has added some products to their cart. After your recommedations, if the customer asks to edit their order or add more items after your recommendations, then you can update thier same using the above steps for adding items to order and update cart. 

Once you are done adding, removing and updating products in the cart, click the "Proceed" button. The proceed button is also available at the bottom of the "Update cart" tab.

3. Review order before sharing to chat

Once you click proceed, you will be asked to if you want

i) the customer to fill their shipping address: Select "Ask customer" and click "Review order" button. If you select this customer will be asked to fill their address before they pay for the order. 

ii) to enter the address on behalf of the customer: Select "Add new address", enter customer address and then click the "Save and Review order" button.

Review the order you just create one final time and then click on "Send to chat", to send it to the customer.

Note: There is no confimation after this step and the order will be directly sent to chat, so make sure you have reviewed the order properly before sharing with the customer. 

4. Customer Journey after you share the cart

i) Add address: If you selected "Ask customer" for shipping address, then the customer will be first asked to enter their shipping address. If they have previously interacted with you and their address is saved, then they will see the option to select between added addresses (upto 2) and add new address, as shown in the example below. 

Tip: If you have tax and shipping settings added for the customers' shipping zone, then it would be automatically calculated and added to the final order summary shared next with the customer. You can add your shipping and taxes through Store > Settings > Shipping & Taxes or you can also connect a shipping tool like EasyShip from Store > Settings > Integrations. 

ii) Order Summary: Once they select the address, or if you have already added the address on their behalf, then they will get a summary of all items added and the order total for the same. 

iii) Payment Options and Update Cart: The order summary message will automatically be followed by cards for payment (as setup for you account) and the option to the customer to view cart, remove items or add more items to the cart. 

iv) Order reciept and support contact: Once the customer completes the payment for their order, they would next get the order reciept and details on how to get in touch with you support. 

Note: The text for the messages sent to the customer upon order creation are editable from the automation > default templates tab. 


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