Create a payment request in live chat

Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

A customer might ask for special customization or services which are not added as your standard product.

With Jumper live chat, you can easily create a mini invoice for such request and ask for payments in the chat.

To create a payment request

i) Click on the customer from active convesations list on the left side and then click on  "Actions" tab on the right side of the live chat dashboard.

ii) Once you click on the Actions tab, you'd see the following options. Click on "Create payment request".

Imp: You can only request payments from customers, who have messaged your business in the last 24 hours. If the selected conversation didn't get a response from the customer in the last 24 hours, then none of the above options will be available under the Actions tab. 

iii) Next enter the following details for the payment

a) The amount you want to request from the customer
b) The payment method(s) they can pay via. (Note only the payment methods you have enabled for your account will show here)
c) Add a payment note, to help the customer understand what the payment is towards. This note will also appear in your orders page. 

Once you have added all details for your payment request, click the "Send request to chat" button at the bottom. 

Customer Journey after you send payment request to chat

i) Payment note and card: Customer will recieve the payment note you added above, along with the payment options as shown in the example below.

ii) Order reciept and support contact: Once the customer completes the payment for their order, they would next get the reciept and details on how to get in touch with you support. 

Note: The text for the messages sent to the customer upon payment request are same as those for order creation and are editable from the automation > default templates tab. 

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