Adding team members

More the merrier - collaborate, work together!
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 2 years ago

Team members can vary from Customer support, sales to managing and updating inventory alongside other important aspects of your business.

Here we will walk you through on how to add team members and allocate relevant permissions to each 😇

To navigate to this setting,

  • On your dashboard, Click Settings
  • Tap Team members 

Tap Add new member

Depending on your plan you'll have permissions to add team members - if you need more, please reach out to us on Live Chat or e-mail

There's 3 types of roles immediately available for you to create

  1. Administrator - who basically has access to all areas of your dashboard
  2. Agent - they'll have access only to Live Chat by default, though you can grant permissions to other sections
  3. Member - totally customizable by you, the Admin to grant relevant access, for example:
    (i) You want to give access to your logistics team to view orders;
    (ii) Accounts team to reconsile your sales;
    (iii) Analytics team to review how your store is performing;
    (iv) Customer success team to review their agent performance.

The above are examples for you to guide you through and making sure you give only relevant applicable access to the team member.


You invite the relevant team member, assign permissions and tap Submit.

Jumper will trigger an e-mail inviting the team member to access the dashboard and they will only be able to access the areas of the dashboard assigned to them.

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