LTD: What feature are available in my plan?

Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 2 years ago

Our LTD deals were offered as extensions to our small business solutions, wherein we offer a standard set of platform features. 

Please login to your account and go to Setting > Billing to see detailed list of features available on your LTD account. 

Additionally, please see read below to understand what incidents can impact your LTD offering. 
- Changes to Platfrom features & Pricing: While our pricing and feature sets available for new accounts may change to ensure long term business sustainability, we continue to support and offer the features promised in the deals, as well as any new features that may be introduced in the future under our SME plans for Facebook Messenger, Line and Web widgets. 

- Continued Support: We continue to offer support for the plans offered under the LTD's, even through they may have been discontinued from our Small business solutions offering.  These plans will be visible on your account as per the instructions and codes stacking promotions listed by your LTD provider.

- Deprication of 3rd Party integrations: However, 3rd party API providers and platfroms integrations offered at the time of LTD, may revise they policies, make changes to their API's in ways which do not allow us to continue supporting the feature(s), restrict the functionalities of their official API's, restrict the usage of API's to a limited segment of these users, start implement additional costs for initial access to their API, or change the design of their API's in a way, that i) onboarding for the platfrom can't be 100% automated, or ii) significantly increases our costs for contuining support for the same or any of it's feature sets - any of these scenarios or our voilation, could lead to significant impact on the contuinuation of our business and solutions and as such may lead to the deprication of certain features offered under the LTD. Examples, Twitter API's, Messenger depricating 24+1 rule.  

- Per usage costs: 3rd party API providers and platfroms, may have additional costs, eg ads, MDR, and allow Jumper to bill for the same. These costs are not included as a part of the LTD and are payable to the partner as per their terms. LTD's unless stated in the offer, also don't include any per usage costs associated with the usage or access to the Jumper platfrom or it's features.

- 3rd party approval and policy breach: Certain 3rd party API providers and platfroms may require you/your business/your products to be approved by the provider before enabling access to one or more of their API's on our platform. Your access to any such feature will be subject to the approval by the 3rd party provider and will be at the discretion of the 3rd party provider. If you face any such issues, kindly directly contact the support of the 3rd party provider where your approval is due.  

- 3rd party API issues: Some 3rd party API providers and platforms may have a fragmented API system with lack of versioning and/or have unfair policies for one or more of their API's, causing disruptions in our continued support of their solutions, leading to discontuation of our non-custom support for the same. 

- Account discontinuation due to voilation of 3rd party platfrom and/or Jumper's platfrom policies. Before using the platform, for you, your clients or affiliates, ensure you have throughly read through and understand the respective policies for sale of products, payments, sending messages and respective terms of usage both for the Jumper platform and any 3rd party platfroms you wish you use in conjuction with Jumper. Any voilation of either platform policies may lead to permanent discountination of account and any plans/promotions/LTDs with the account.

- Non-LTD Partner offers: We may offer new products, specific to industries, our institutional partners, launch subsideries or acquire other companies - any of these products, unless available/offered as a part of the LTD promotion will not available and subject to partners individual policies and terms of use. 

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