WhatsApp Business API

Overview of WhatsApp Business & Automation
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

Apply for WhatsApp Business API

Great to know you're interested in WhatsApp Business, since it requires approvals by the WhatsApp team on the use-case and business verification, we'd need you to fill in form, click here and supply us with the necessary information.

Once we receive the details, we will apply and do our best to get this approved for you.

WhatsApp Benefits for Businesses

WhatsApp is one of the most important communication channels for businesses. Here's some reasons why you should serve customers on WhatsApp

  1. High Open Rates - over 98% open rate
  2. Read Ratios - on a general note, we tend to read WhatsApp messages within 5/10 seconds of receiving a message.
  3. Recall Value - brands have a faster and a better recall while being accessible omni-channel.
  4. Customer Preference - by far the most comfortable and de-facto preference for customers all over the world.
  5. Automation - Automate onboarding, send notifications, complete sales and even follow up post sales. Not to forget Customer support and success in best on a channel your customers prefer, i.e. WhatsApp.
Did we tell you, we have the Jumper Assist App live on the Play Store for you to manage customers on the go?
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