Setting up WhatsApp Business

Configuring the basics of WhatsApp Business
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 2 years ago

Here assuming you've completed the business verification and the necessary formalities of WhatsApp, and have been onboarded

Go straight to Sales Channels, tap WhatsApp

Here you'll see two tabs, 


  1. Business Name: This is where your Business Name, for example Acme Corp will be shown.
  2. Business Number: This is the number dedicated to your WhatsApp
  3. Business ID: This is your Facebook/WhatsApp Business ID auto-filled during your onboarding and approvals.

Business Info

In this section, we fill in the details of the business

  1. About the business: This is a quick blurb about your business for customers to quickly glance on.
  2. Profile picture: More often than not, we advice you to use your logo for easiest recall value from your customers

Business Profile

  1. Address: Your business operating address
  2. Business Description: Same as about the business, we recommend you to share some key highlights of your business such as founding date, information that your customers will resonate with.
  3. Contact email: your business email should your customers want to follow up and prefer email
  4. Business Category: From the drop-down select the category that fits best for your business
  5. Website(s): You can input up to 2 websites in this, this is primarily used for businesses that have multiple divisions. If not, you can always highlight your shipping and cancellation policies, privacy policies etc that'll faster assist your customers.
That's it, you're now ready to serve your customers on WhatsApp! 🚀

There's multiple things you can do now, here's some outlined for you

  • Invite relevant team members to the Live Chat Dashboard
  • Setup Automations
  • Download Jumper Assist to attend on the go!
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