What is Apple Business Chat
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 4 years ago

Business Chat will enable you to connect with customers directly from within Messages.

By integrating your Business Chat with Jumper, you can interact with customers, respond to their questions, resolve issues and complete transactions from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch through iMessage. 

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Features of Apple Business Chat

  • Receive payments - Complete transactions by simply sending an Apple Pay message
  • List picker - Allow your customers to select their choices from lists with images
  • Time picker - Easily schedule appointments or deliveries with integration into the customer’s calendar
  • Attachments - Delight customers with media files
  • Send and Receive Messages - For easier communication

Why call when you can text?  

Your customers can now “one-tap” message your company instead of having to call. With Chat Suggest, Apple takes Business Chat to the next level by automatically presenting the option to start a messaging conversation directly with your business. Present a more convenient way for consumers to engage with you and watch those inbound phone calls drop.

Not only is Apple Chat Suggest a more appealing option for consumers, it is even attractive to businesses. Instead of handling expensive phone calls, shift inbound inquiries to a less expensive and more convenient channel. You save money, your team can help more customers at once, and your customers love it.

Level Up your game with Apple Business Chat + Jumper.ai Live Chat

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