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Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

To install Attentive chat to your Shopify store, here's what you need to do

  1. Tap Sales channels on the left navigation menu, go to Web
  2. Click on "Setup Attentive messages" and add your website URL on which you want to install the Attentive chat widget - 
    if its free domain ( add "https://<YOUR_STORE_NAME>" else key in "https://<YOUR_SITE_URL>"
  3. You can customize the widget now to match your brand look and feel (optional)
  4. Next, copy and paste the embed code, please make sure you're logged in to your admin dashboard on Shopify to do so
  5. Once in the dashboard, click on Online Store and tap Themes

    Make sure you have Current theme in front of you so we don't end up installing the Attentive widget on a theme that you don't use.

    Now, tap Actions, click Edit code
    Locate a file called theme.liquid, (you should see in the Layout section of the theme) and paste the embed code as shown in the screenshot below just before the </body> tag
  6. Once done, on Jumper's dashboard, click verify to check if the script is installed. You should see Verification done, which means you're all set to go!

Customize the widget to adapt to the look and feel of your brand. Pick the message type, delays, intents and a whole lot more. Read more on customizations here.

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