Enable/Disable composer input

How to enable and disble composer input, best practices
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 4 years ago

What is composer input?

Composer input is the free text field where customers can type and reach out to you. Though, this is a super powerful setting that comes in handy should you want to run campaigns and leverage on a guided journey.

Team Jumper is working on a new enhancement to make the Menu and Composer input dynamic - we'll keep you updated on this.

For this tutorial, we'll keep this simple and walk you through how to toggle on/off your Messenger composer input.

Navigate to this via Sales Channels, Tap Facebook, Click Persistent Menu. 

You'll now see the toggle On/Off switch. 

It takes a couple of moments to refresh this setting on Facebook Messenger. You can try by deleting the conversation with the page, shutting off Messenger completely on your phone and testing again.

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