Attentive chat widget

Make your websites and apps come to life
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 4 years ago

It's time to give your customer messaging experiences a human touch with automation assisting you to get the best out of both the worlds!

Support, sell, upsell

The Attentive chat widget makes your website and apps come to life with interactive elements

Unlike other chat widgets out there, Jumper's Attentive chat is lazer focussed on e-commerce!

Let's get you started on enabling this beautiful experience

First, navigate to Sales channels, tap Web and then click Attentive widget

Tap Setup Attentive messages

Next, enter the domain where you intend to install the widget (you can change this later if you move it to a different domain)

Now's the fun part!

Customize the appearance of the widget to match your brand

Last step is to paste the code into <head> section of your HTML, an example code looks like 

<script src="" id="jmpr_attentive_js" widget-id="ag9zsdfqw3r1q3wewqtwet"></script>

Tap Installation done once the code is placed and ready on your website!

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