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How to share products on multiple channels
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

So you've added products to the Jumper CMS and now it's time to share your products and drive sales...

There's multiple ways to share products and their relevant links on channels your customers use every single day!

We'll begin by navigating to Sales channels -> Web -> Redirect links

Once in, you'll see on your dashboard 👇

Now we'll walk through each part you see..

Depending on your connected channels, you'll see accordingly

The first tab is that of Products, the second that of Collections and last that of Bot flows you've created - and are ready to be shared.

Below you'll see a preview of your product image, product name, the link to the web checkout and Facebook Messenger checkout in the image above.

  • Copy link button simply copies the link to the product and has it ready for you to share everywhere you'd like.
    This will begin the web checkout
  • The WhatsApp button shares the web link to your choice of contacts
    This will be your web link shared on WhatsApp
  • Similarly, Copy link button under Messenger simply copies the link to the product that'll trigger a conversational checkout straight on Facebook Messenger
  • The WhatsApp button will in this case share the direct link for the product checkout on Facebook Messenger

Try 'em out!

Collections and bots work the same was Products explained above.

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