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Add discount rules and setup
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 2 years ago

There's not a person on this planet and probably even beyond who doesn't like getting a sweet deal on the products they buy - discounts is one such way to wow the customer get exactly that.

It works both manually and automatic! 

Depending on the setup you have in mind, best results can be achieved through and through.

Let's get straight to the Discounts setup, go to Store and tap Discount

Tap Add new discount

First, we'll walk you through every aspect of what you see on your Discount settings page, here's what it looks like


  • We start off by creating a discount code, some use this as to be as easy as it can be like the one above - GET50 ; alternatively, we could make it complicated if you're giving it out only to a selected few
  • There's 2 types of discount types available to you. Manual and automatic
    Manual discounts have to be keyed in by the customer to avail it - leverage this for your customers to share with their peers.

    Automatic discounts are applied in run-time giving your customers the WOW moment
  • Description is a note for yourself and your team to keep a track of what the discount offers and pull out the details when required
  • Time bound discounts
    Here you specify the start and end date for a limited period discount or just toggle on no end date if it's an unlimited time offer
  • Specific day availablility discounts
    This setting is when you want to gamify and drive surprising discounts on specific days according to timezones - take it for a spin!


With these settings you get to set conditions on purchases with

  • Minimum to Maximum order amount spent, also known as the ticketsize of the purchase - best to communicate that if you order between $10 & $50 (without your shipping prices applied to it) you get a discount of 20% for example
  • Limit discounts to all of your products or just selected ones. You may not want to discount your premium products, hence you select the items you want to give discounts on can be set here


This is the core of your discount setup. The different types of discounts and the steps to set them up are detailed here.

Other settings

  • Usage limit sets the number of times the code can be used, if you pick it to be limited uses, you'll get the option to set the amount of times the code is used. Align this with your marketing campaigns to optimise results!
  • Limit per shopper is powerful especially to create a fomo effect. Each of these can be individual word of mouth drivers, mix and match to experiment what works best for you!

Once configured, tap Save and you're ready to roll


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