Managing your orders on Jumper

Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 2 years ago

All your orders, whether they're product sales or custom payments you've collected can be seen in the Orders tab

In this article, we'll explain more on how to

  • manage orders
  • receive email notifications of orders, toggle on and off these
  • mark manual orders as a paid
  • trigger tracking link notifications and emails
  • print order confirmations
  • delete cancelled orders
  • search orders by product and order id

This is what your order tab looks like once you have a few orders in

We'll start from the top, you see the 🔔 icon? Tap that to toggle on or off email notifications of successful orders.

The button marked Export to CSV sends the order information compiled in a CSV format. This can be used to audit your orders, upload to your custom shipping prodiver etc.

Under Export to CSV, you'll also see the Total order(s) count since you've opened your store for sales

Now, to the columns


This has the

  • Date of order, under which is
  • The order ID with the prefix of the channel for easier management, in the above example it's FB0322 - FB denotes the Facebook Messenger order
  • Tap view item to slide down to see the product that was ordered


This column has

  • The name of the customer
  • Their email address
  • Phone number, and
  • Shipping address


This column shows you the order value and the pricing breakdown with the relevant tax, shipping, discount details


This is the mode of payment that the customer picked to pay you, these are the ones you have activated for your customer, like

  • Credit Card / Payment Gateway
  • Manual orders via Bank Transfer / Cash on Delivery

In case of Manual orders, you'd have to verify the payment. If received, tap Mark as Paid to avoid confusion


If you've not integrated any of our shipping integrations or have your own logistics mechanism with a vendor in place, more often than not they'd give you a tracking link

Tap Ship now that'll open up a pop up where you'd key in the FULL tracking link to be sent to the customer.

The customer will receive an email with this information along with a ping on their channel of purchase.


Here, you'll see action items, 

  • Print order confirmation and attach it to your shipment
  • Delete order (should you want to delete test, cancelled, refunded orders)

Hope this article gives you an overview on navigating through the order tab for ease of use!

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