Discounts v2.0

Understand how you can set-up discounts and promotions with our upgraded discounts module
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We have upgraded our discounts module to help you incentivize your customers even more with the right promotion mechanics, and drive sales.

Highlights of the upgrade

  • Discounts/promotions are now stackable

Many of you have asked us for the ability to stack discounts - and now we have made them available. Set-up multiple discounts and make them stackable to drive more sales

  • Discounts to apply at Order level or Item level

Order level: These discounts apply after all the Item level discounts are applied. Additionally, for an order level discount, the flat amount of free item does not get multiplied. 

  • Multiple GWPs can be selected

For each discount mechanic, you can now select multiple free items, and also set the quantity for each

  • Allow customer to choose X out of Y GWPs

When you have a lot of gifts a customer can choose from, you can define this and set-up the maximum a customer can choose. Customers will get to choose this as part of a checkout process, or if order is created by an agent, the agent will be able to choose the gifts

    • Shipping discounts

    Providing free shipping for orders over a certain amount? Set-up discounts which apply to shipping based on conditions you set.

    Setting them up

    Fundamentally, the following promotions can be set-up. The basics of conditions and choosing automatic/manual discounts are covered here

    • Provide a percentage off (e.g., 10% off) for an order or an item
    • Provide a flat amount off (e.g., $10 off) for an order or an item
    • Provide free item(s) or GWPs for an order or an item

    Stackable discounts explained

    With the introduction of stackable discounts, it is important to understand how they can be set-up. Each discount will have the setting to enable if it is stackable

    If a discount is stackable, you cannot select it as "Agent only"
    See below how the stackable discounts will be applied to an order:
    1. Apply flat amount or percentage off at item/cart level
    2. Flat or percentage off at order level 
      (Condition amount to be calculated after calculating total by applying point 1)
    3. Every GWP (item or order)
      (Condition amount to be calculated after calculating total by applying point 2)
    4. Shipping discount
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