Creating a Set

How to create a set from your product catalog
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 2 years ago

Have you read why Sets (Bundles) are really effective? If not, we encourage you to read it, it'll just be a minute. 😉 Click here

Now, let's dive straight towards creating your first Set. From your navigation, tap Store, click Sets

Click Add New Set

  1. Start by giving your Set a Name, for example "Beach Kit"
  2. Create a checkout trigger, basically the hashtag identifier for this Set, for example "beachkit"
  3. A short description that will give your customer a quick glance on this particular Set on sale.
  4. Make sure you have an amazing image for this, a picture speaks louder!
  5. Next, let's add products to this Set,

  6. Next you enter the quantity of each product within the Set, for example, this set includes 1 Green Tea & Aloe Body Lotion, 1 Lemon Verbena Body Scrub and 1 Hand Cream
  7. Next, fill in these quick settings, we'll explain each 😉

    Stock: This will be auto-filled for you
    SKU: Fill this in if you manage SKU numbers for your products (optional)

    Allow the shopper to buy more than one set? 
    Toggle this on to Yes if you do want customers to buy multiple
    Toggle this off to No if you just want to sell 1 of this set per customer.

    Does the customer get to choose a few products from the set?
    This is only applicable should you allow the customer to choose products within the set. 

    Try playing around with the options above to see what works best for you 🥳
Click here to get the Set ready for sales, we'll walk you through it.
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