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How to make a collection on Jumper
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

Assuming you've already added products to your store, a Collection plays an important role especially to automagically enable the add to cart conversational checkout.

To create a collection, navigate to Store, tap Collection

Next, tap Add collection and you'll see

Now, to explain every field there,

  • Collection name: This is the name of your collection, for example "Outfit of the Day"
  • Checkout trigger: This is the slug for the web checkout and trigger for the bot on your social media comments / instant messengers - what we mean by this is; if a user types, for example #ootd the checkout for this collection will begin!
  • Web store banner image: This is a banner image for your Jumper web checkout and the free website that comes with it.
  • Visible on store?: There may be some collections you want to keep private and only share links or even maybe sell offline via QR codes, toggle this off to hide it from the public facing website.
  • Ask customers their address?: Running an offline event or even a popup store? You don't really need their address as there's no need to deliver and is a pick up by the customer.. toggle this off and the conversational checkout will not ask the customer to fill in their address.
  • Email of the customer?: Similar to address, toggle this on and off depending on what kind of a sale you're running and how important the e-mail is for you.

Next, we begin by adding a Category to the collection, you should see this when you tap Add new

Here, you simply upload the hero image for a category you define, give it a name and a description for easier understanding

For example, Name: T-shirts, tap Save

Now, it's time to add products to the newly created category. Tap Add products

As you see in the image πŸ‘†it'll now show you your product list to add to this particular category.. you will also see a button called (view variations) - this will allow you to pick and choose the sub-variants of your product. For example I only want to sell Yellow T-shirts of size M. This can be achieved by clicking view variations and selecting the appropriate ones.

Easy? πŸ˜‡

Now repeat this for all categories you want in your collection and tap Save collection!

That's all folks - time to get the money rolling in.. happy selling.

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