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Uploading your products to Jumper
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

Let's get you started on adding your products to Jumper.

A quick checklist of the information good to have handy is listed for you below:

  1. Product name and description (feel free to use media elements within it)
  2. Product image (having a square image or a horizontal in 1.91:1 format works best)
  3. Price, tax, shipping costs
  4. Variation details (color, size, etc.) and images (optional)

How to add a product

Click Store, tap Product

Click Add new product

Now, let's give your product a name (example iPhoneXR, follow it up with adding product images (feel free to add up to 5)

You then choose an appropriate checkout trigger, for e.g. #iphonexr (this hashtag needs to be unique only for your store)

There's a conversational product web interface created automatically, for example to make it easy for you to sell on e-mail, embedding in blogs and a whole lot more. Do check it out 😇

Add a description - with all relevant details, more pictures, videos, etc. we recommend keeping this short, simple and to the point to avoid distractions.

If your product has variations - such as size, color, storage etc., follow the steps as shown below:

The image above, for example, we've selected different price, tax, weight. Key in the details, add images for variations if you'd like and move to the next step.

The variations can be edited at any point in time

  • You can toggle yes/no on the option to allow your customers to pass special instructions; such as Engrave initials, please call before delivery, etc.
  • You can also toggle on/off if you're allowing your customers to buy more than 1 quantity of your product.

Hit Save and you're all set to go!

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