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Lets get your account linked to Jumper and get kick started to accepting payments

3 key elements will be needed to ensure a smooth integration:

  • Login ID
  • Transaction Key
  • Client Key

If you want to enable VISA checkout, toggle it on. For this we'll need the VISA key - no fear when we're here.. lets walk you through these steps

Let's get started with logging into your dashboard. Next, navigate to settings on the left navigation bar:

Once you're in Settings, click on API Credentials & Keys

Simple so far? 😇
Let's move forward and get this done..

On this page you will see API Login ID to copy and paste to Jumper. To obtain Transaction Key choose New Transaction Key and check Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately.

Okay.. next is for us to request PIN and verify

Check your e-mail now and copy paste to verify

Bingo, once verified, that's done with.. Next, save the Transaction Key.

For the record this key won’t present on API Credentials & Keys page

To get the Client Key go to Settings and click Manage Public & Client Key.

Copy the Client key

Paste the relevant keys in Jumper dashboard and you're all set.

Read further ONLY if you've toggled on VISA Checkout

To get VISA Checkout APIs, on's dashboard, Click on Digital Payment Solutions that you'll see on the left navigation

Sign up for VISA Checkout if you haven't already and follow the instructions. For this example in the instructions, I already have signed up; so we'll move on with the next steps

You'll then see the VISA Checkout API key

Woohoo! Paste this key on Jumper dashboard under VISA API key. All set! 💪

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