Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

Okay.. here we go to get you setup for payment acceptance using Adyen.

To connect Adyen and Jumper, just 2 pieces of information will have to be located and keyed in

  • Merchant account
  • API key

To get the above 2, here's a quick walkthrough

Login to your Adyen dashboard

Now, go to your Account and click on Merchant Account to get the key

Copy the account code you want to connect with and paste to Jumper

And now to get the API Key, go to Account and click on Users

On this panel, click on ws@YourAccountID as this is the web service we'll be using

Now click on Generate New API key

Copy API Key and paste to Jumper. In order to enable the integration you must click on Save Generated API Key.

For the record, you will NOT be able to see the key after you click Save Generated API Key.


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