Managing team members and additional user roles

How to invite team members and assign permissions
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 4 years ago

Team owner

By default the email you signup for your account, is default set as the owner for your business account and has access to all the features available for your account subscription. You can't remove their permissions or delete the account from team roles. 

Tip: If you need to change your team owner, you should go and edit the default Account email in your "Business Profile" under Store > Settings.

Managing your team

You can add, delete other team members and change their permissions from Store > Settings > Team members .

Note: By default only 1 user role is available for a basic account. If you want to add more team members/user roles you must upgrade your plan.

1. Add new team member

Click on the "+ Add new member"  button on the right

Next you'll see the below screen. Add the email, first name and last name of the teammate you want to invite and select their role.

There are 3 roles you can assign to a teammate - admin, member and agent. 

i) The admin will by default have all permission selected and you can't remove access to any particular feature if you select this as the role for the teammate.

Note: An admin will also be able to manager your billing, team members and all the other permissions that owner has, expect the ability to edit default account email. 

ii) For members, you can define the features you want to give them access to by selecting those features. 

ii) For Agents, the Live chat option is by default selected, you can future give them access to edit customer details, or update the order price from the live chat dashboard and any additional features you'd like them to have access to. 

Click the "Submit" button, once you are done assigning the permissions to send them an invite email. 

2. Accept invite to join a team

Your colleague will recieve the following email from Jumper. To join your team and get access to manage your business account, they should click on the "Join your team" in the email. 

Alternatively, they can also login and get access to manage the account by using the same email as you added in the user role, 

Note: If the user you sent the access to already has another account on Jumper or is part of another business team, eg an agency, they should first log out of their current session to accept the invite. 

3. Edit team members' access

To edit a user's permission go to Store > Settings > Team member > User profile card and click the Edit button "purple pencil" icon. 

On the next screen, you can you can change the role and individual permissions for the team member, same as you did above while adding them to your team. 

Note: You can't edit permissions for owner of the team. 

4. Delete a team member

To delete a team member click on the "Delete"   icon on the top right of the team members' profile. 

Note: You can't delete the owner of the team. 

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