Managing your Payment methods

Various payment methods to get started with
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 4 years ago

Jumper enables you to accept payments in multiple ways. Enable the one you're most comfortable with. Add / Remove anytime!

1. Connect a payment gateway

You can learn how to connect the payment gateways with their relevant integration guides. These can be found here:

IMP: If you have connected your Shopify or Square POS account to Jumper, you payment is processed and managed through your Shopify or Square POS account. 

2. Enable manual payment methods

If you are subscribed to a paid plan, you can add manual payment methods like Cash on Delivery and Bank transfer for you customers to pay you via alternate methods. 

3. Disable/Disconnect a payment method

To disconnect a payment method, go to Store>Settings> Payment Settings > Connected methods, and navigate to the payment method you want to disable and click "Disconnect" or "Disable" button. 

Please be aware when you disconnect your payment gateway abruptly and your products are live; customers may be affected who're in the checkout funnel.

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