Updating and disabling menu items

How to manage your menu when you run out of items
Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 3 years ago

At times, you may run out of certain items in your store and you may want to disable the item on the menu. Or you may have new updates to your menu and categories, such as new pricing, or new dishes.

You make update to your restuarant menu clicking on Store > F&B menu tab. 

There are a few actions you can perform on this page:

  1. Add menu items: Add new menu items to a category, following the same steps as you did earlier. 
  2. Disable a category (e.g., Round Cakes): all items under the category will be unavailable for ordering by the customer should they order from your store
  3. Disable an item (e.g., Black Forest Cake): the item will be unavailable for order, until enabled again
  4. To view items, you can click on Show menu items for the appropriate category, and it will display all the items under the category
  5. Add new category: Add a new category of menu items, following the same steps as you did earlier

 If you disable an item/category for a day, remember to enable it the next morning if its available for order 

Disabling a category:

To disable a category, click on Disable corresponding to the category name

Click Yes when prompted to confirm after you verify you are disabling the right category.

Disabling a menu item:

To disable an item, navigate to the category, and click on Show menu items. Once done, click on Disable for the item you wish to disable

The system does not give the option to individually disable ingredients and ad-ons for a menu item

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