F&B: Getting Started Guide

Basics steps to starts taking orders online.
Written by Remy Heyzengård
Updated 3 years ago

Follow the below steps to setup your store and start taking orders online. 

1. Setup your Business profile: 

Go to Store > Settings > Business Profile

Key in the basic contact details of your F&B establishment, including:

  • Logo: This will be displayed on your webstore, on your attentive widgets and in the emails sent to your customers. 
  • Business e-mail and phone number: These will be communicated to the customer when they place an order. 
  • Business name: Your business name is displayed as the Brand name, on your webstore, widgets, messages, reciepts and emails.
    If you did a mistake filling in your store name or want to change it later you can do it under store details card. 
  • Store link: Your business name is also used to auto generate your Jumper store link ie brandname.jumper.ai . You can edit this as required.

    If you want to link it to your custom domain follow the instructions here: https://teamjumper.crunch.help/sales-channels/custom-domain-setup
  • Account email/ Jumper login email: This is by default set to you the email you created your account with. If you signed up via a social login, then this email is set to your email address saved with the social login (ie. Facebook/Google).

    If you change this email, your login email will also get updated. 
  • Account number: We will use this number to contact you or to send important communication related to your account, when required.  
  • Support Email and Number: These details will be shared with your customer, along with your order receipt and or when requested by the customer.

    If you don't set this up, your account email and number, will be used as default support email and number.

2. Connect a payment method

Accepting payments is a key part of the online ordering process. 

You can connect your preferred payment gateway under Store > Settings -> Payment settings -> Available methods to select the right one for you. 

You can also accept cash on counter, however the process to manage this will be outside of Jumper.ai.

If you are using a Square POS, then payments are automatically processed by Square. Please see the next step to connect your Square POS to Jumper. 

IMP: Your currency is default set to your country. You can easily edit it from the dropdown on the top right of the payment settings page, however, if you do it after adding your products, this action will remove all your products already added. 

3. Setup your store location

Add your store address, open hours, delivery radius and configure your options for dine-in, pick-up and average order preparation time. Follow the steps to setup your store location settings: https://teamjumper.crunch.help/food-beverage/setup-and-manage-store-timings

4. Add your menu

You can add your menu to Jumper in 2 ways
i) Directly setup your menu on Jumper. You tax setting are available at the menu level. Follow these steps to setup your menu item and categories: https://teamjumper.crunch.help/food-beverage/managing-your-store-menu-on-jumper
ii) Import your menu and settings from Square. Follow the steps and instructions here to setup and sync your Jumper Online ordering system with your Square POS: https://teamjumper.crunch.help/food-beverage#square-pos-1

Once you add your menu, Jumper automatically generates an automated bot to take orders, process payments, and update your inventory in real time. 

5. Connect your sales channel

The last step to complete your store setup is to connect and setup your sales channel.

Depending on your plan you'll have acccess one or more the sales channels listed below:

i) Website for taking orders: By default your store url is set to storename.jumper.ai . If you want to update it to a custom domain follow the instructions here:https://teamjumper.crunch.help/sales-channels/custom-domain-setup

ii) Facebook and Messenger: Find steps to connect your Facebook Business Page here: https://teamjumper.crunch.help/food-beverage/facebook-messenger-and-square-to-take-orders-on-the-go
iii) Attentive messages widget

iv) iMessage: Reach out to our live chat to check if you qualify for Apple Business chat. The setup steps for iMessage are available here: https://teamjumper.crunch.help/sales-channels/setting-up-your-business-chat-account

v) WhatsApp: Only available to large and enterprise businesses. Please reach out to your account manager to check if you qualify for WhatsApp Business API and setup instructions for the channel. 

vi) LINE: You can find the instructions for setting up you LINE account from Sales Channels > Click on the "+" icon beside the text and select "Connect" button next to LINE. You will get the step by step instructions on this page. 

vii) Twitter: Only available to Twitter Accounts with a verified badge (Blue tick). Reach out to your account manager to check if you qualify for Twitter and setup instructions for the channel. 

You are now ready to start taking orders. Checkout the F&B section on our blog for guides on getting your first customers and Marketing your store online - https://insights.jumper.ai/category/fb/

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