Setting up Square for Jumper

The future of Square, conversational ordering and pick up
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

First of all, welcome to's F&B setup with Square - We're certain you're going to have a fantastic journey with us offering a Starbucks like experience to your customers #everywhere

(on social media, on the web, on blogs - sky is NOT the limit with

Here below, we will walk you through, step by step on getting started.

  1. Login to your Square dashboard - here's the URL just in case

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Accounts & Settings icon, click it to enter

  3. Next, you click the Business tab as shown in the picture below

  4. Click Location tab then select Status > All to see all your places

  5. Make sure you have a store address for each location (the inactive ones too). Also, even if you have the mobile ON you need to make sure there is an address added for jumper to sync your menu and location.

We've noticed and observed sync issues when an address is not added.

Once done with the above - we're all set to sync Square with jumper, you can see the relevant helpdesk article Sync Square menu with jumper.

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