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IMP: You must complete your Store location settings to add your menu. You can find the guide for the same here:

Tip: If you have a Square POS follow these instructions to add your menu and store settings to Jumper:

To take orders through the automated bot or to your menu in the live chat, it is important to add your menu to your Jumper dashboard.

To setup your menu go to Store > F &B Menu

1. Once you are on the Menu management page, you should first, add your menu name, an image for your menu and click save. 

Tip: Once you have added your menu, customers can directly order by

  1. Going to your restuarant order website: ie, eg
  2. Through messenger via a link similar to: eg:
  3. By sending a text "#order" or your hashtag shown under the Menu hashtag above to your connected Messenger/WhatsApp/iMessage account. 

2. To add categories to your menu card, hit the '+ Add Category' button. Once done, a window would open up to define the category name and the timings to be applied for the category. 

We recommend you add an image as for each of your menu categories, so it's more visual for your customers when they are browsing through your menu. 

Tip: You can also add a category only available during certain hours during the day or on a special day. For this simply add a new regular hour or a new event in your outlet settings as per the steps for regular hours here and for special event timings here . Once you have configured your special timings then select that timing when creating the category. 😎

After you have added your categories, all the categories would be visible as shown below.

The category names can be deleted at any point in time using the 'Delete Bin' icon. Similarly the name and timings can be edited by using the 'purple pencil' icon. 

Tip: In case all your menu items in the category are 'out of stock', you can temporarily disable the category by using the 'disable' button. This would ensure that the category name is not visible in the menu shown to the customers.

3. To add items in menu, click the  'Add menu item' button. Next, a screen would open up to define the food item. In this section, you should add the item image, name, description, price and tax percentage and then click "Save" button.

After saving, the item gets added in the category and the number of items under each category will be visible on the page.

The entire menu items for the category can be viewed by hitting the 'show menu items' button. This section would let you view, edit, delete and disable individual item from the category.

4. The item variants can be defined as well on jumper. This can be done using the 'menu item options' button as shown in screenshot. Once clicked, the following screen would open up.

In this screen, you can define the selections, ingredients and add-ons that are available and customizable for the particular menu item.

In menu selections (eg Pizza size), you should add a heading for the selection type and the maximum order quantity under "Max order quantity for selection"

4a. To add variants under the selection group (eg add variations of 10", 12" & 14" under size selection", click the '+Add new' button and define the name and any extra costs for the variant.

Eg while setting up your item earlier, you added default item price is $10, but your pizza is priced at $10 for 10", $20 for 12" and $30 for 14", then under each selection variant you should the additional price for the same, ie $0 for 10", $10 for 12" and $20 for 14" pizza size. 

4b. Same way if you have different selections available for pizza base and sauce you can edit and add the variants for them under Selection 2 and Selection 3 tabs. 

4c. You can also add ad-ons using the same steps as defined in for selection variants in step 4a. above. 

4d. Lastly if you offer the ability to customise default ingredients added to your menu item, you can add them by clicking on the ingredients tab. Next add a header for the customization section under the "Ingredients group name" and add the ingredients that can are be added for free or removed from order. 

Once you have added the selections, selection variants, add-ons and ingredients they are added to your menu. Similarly, you can add andupdate entire restaurant menu using the above steps.

Tip: If one or more of your menu items have similar selections, variants, add-ons or ingredients, you can quick fill the above, by selecting the item which has similar options from the drop down and then click "Copy" button to autofill. Make any edits for the new item and then click "Save". 

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