Editing default templates

Edit, add a tone, change a language
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

Let's jump straight to how you'd go about editing default templates..

Navigate here by clicking Automations, tap Default templates, you'll then see

We've explained what each template is for and how it works here

You will not see Collection Template and Collection Popup Template till you add a Collection on Jumper

Applied to Product(s) are the products that you've created are linked to relevant flows already and that's what it denotes.

The other menu items you see you see are:

  1. Webviews (these are micro websites that live within the flow, super simple to edit as they're forms)
  2. Emails (these are emails that are sent out upon a successful purchase from you to the customer, feel free to edit it to your tone / language uses)
  3. Comments (these are automatically sent should a product go out of stock)

Let's begin by editing the Sales Template, (it's pretty much the same for all others)

There's two ways you can begin editing, we'll walk you through both:

By clicking

You'll see a popup that'll you'd fill in for easier identification and linking specific products to it. In this example, I've called it the Funny Checkout flow keeping in mind, what I'm going to be selling is FUN!

Once done with this, tap Save.

You'll see now, a section called Custom templates with your newly created template

Applied to 0 Product(s) is because we haven't linked any product to this Funny flow template.. we will do that once done with the edits

Tap Edit

Every custom template will have a navigation menu on the left and the webview etc on the top, this is to make it easier for you to find relevant messages and edit it super quick (see image below)

Here's where the editing begins, once you click Greeting messages, it'll show you relevant default messages ready for you to edit along with paths that lead to the relevant journies. Red arrows indicate potential error messages and Blue is for moving forward to the next steps depending on user choice.

If your message is triggered from a Comment on Facebook, it's strongly recommended you change this explicitly asking the user to type something to move forward like we have by default is typing 'Y' to continue.

and now, the edited Funny text for the same message to spark some ideas for you..

  • The {..} indicates what you can insert by default to make it personal. I'd also recommend to make use of emojis that tend to direct the customer visually.
  • The (+) indicates cycling messages.. We hear ya, you may say... Whoa, what this new thing that just jumped in! Don't fear, we're here for you.
  • Cycling messages are often used to surprise your customers with different messages everytime they interact, this basically means that all your customers will go through different messages and your bot doesn't sound boring.

See example below - how we've used it:

See?! Fun, isn't it? We're sure you understand the unlimited potential this unlocks. Feel free to add more cycling texts on every message of the template.

Don't change the meaning of what you need them to do though. 😅

As soon as you're done customizing.. it's time to attach your product that this should apply to..

You don't want all your products to have this.. it may be odd that you're selling business card printing for example in this funny way, Haha.

To apply products to this template, simply navigate back

then.. click Applied to 0 Product(s) and check the ones this applies to

Once applied, you're good to go! Try it yourself once and see if you need to edit more.

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