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78% carts are abandoned due to a poor experience, leverage it using the power of personal messaging on chat
Written by Andy Instantano
Updated 3 years ago

One of the biggest pain points in the eCommerce industry is recovering lost sales. Often, we all just add things to cart and leave it, it could be

  • either on purpose, just because...
  • maybe we got a quick phone call and totally forgot about what site/app we were on.

What happens next? You'll receive a cart recovery email sent in most cases that we tend to ignore as it lands up 90%+ of the time in Promotions, Updates, Spam - that's a lot of money left on the table for you that was potential sales.

We've got your back, introducing Automated Cart Recovery that's multi-use

Let's begin setting this up (depending on the plan you're on, you'll have options to set up to 3 schedules)

To set up Cart recovery, tap Automations and click Cart recovery

Let's start by creating Schedule 1

We'll explain each of the option to best use this to your advantage

  1. Send the message sequence in: set this time, most recommended is after 30 minutes for Schedule 1.
  2. Re-engagement message: let's get creative in this message, I'd personally use something like
    "Hey, we miss you and it seems you forgot to buy this πŸ‘‡"
    If you're creating a discount to create a FOMO, I'd use
    "Hey, come back and buy πŸ‘‡within the next 30 minutes to get an additional 10% off, valid for 30 minutes only!"
  3. Call-to-action button text: Use things like, "Checkout now", use emojis. This is basically a button that the user will need to click and purchase. 
  4. Call-to-action button type: You have 2 options here, 
    (i) Continue checkout
    (ii) To create the urgency which I mentioned 5 lines above, Timed discount. 
  5. Cancel order text: This is the text that is displayed to cancel/not interested buyers who don't want to engage. Use text like "Cancel" or "Not interested"

This feature set is currently in beta and we're working hard to optimise it to the best possible solution we can provide for you.

Have ideas, suggestions or just thoughts that you'd like to see in this? Reach out to us on email here.

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