Proactively reach out to multiple Users with Broadcast
Written by Brian Ho
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Creating a new Broadcast

On Jumper's dashboard, go to Automation -> Broadcast -> Click on Create Broadcast

A new Broadcast will be created.

There will be 3 settings that will be need to be configured:

- Messaging Channels: Where the Broadcast will be sent
- Create Message: The message that will be broadcasted
- Settings: Objective of Broadcast and who will be receiving the Broadcast

Select a Messaging Channel

Compose the message that will be Broadcast. A preview of the message will appear on the right. Get creative with the available message options that Jumper provides!

Lastly, select one of the Broadcast Objectives and configure that User Targeting Conditions. See Targeting section for more details.

Once you have completed setting up the Broadcast, select one of the following options:

- Save : Saves all the settings and does not send the Message. You can come back to make edits to the Broadcast before sending it out.
- Save & send : Saves all the settings and sends the Message to targeted Users immediately


Multiple conditions can be used to target Users. One of the Condition Match type can be selected:

- all following conditions : Targets users that matches all conditions
- any of the following conditions: Target users that matches at least one of the conditions

Condition  Description
Tag Users that have been marked with a specific tag in Tags section of Live Chat
Custom field Users that have been marked with a field in Custom data section of Live Chat
Personal Details Targets users based on the following personal information:
- Name
- Email
- Mobile Number
- Gender
Order Type Targets users who have last placed an Order within the:
- Last 24 hours
- Last 3 days
- Last 7 days
Last Interaction -Date/Time Targets users who have last interacted with your shop on/before/after a specified Date/Time.
Last Interaction - Talked with Agent Targets users who have interacted with a specified Agent of your shop
Last Interaction - Flow Targets users who have interacted with a Product/Collection/Bot flow
Last Interaction - Has Item In Cart and not Paid Targets users who have added an Item to Cart and not Checked Out.

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