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Field Descriptions for Customer Export
Written by Brian Ho
Updated 2 years ago

Below you can find the list of column that are by default added to the CSV export. 

Field Description
Facebook_Page_Scope_ID User's unique identifier on Facebook
Facebook_Page_ID Merchant's Facebook Page where Jumper is active
ConversationID Internal Reference Number for Jumper
Platform Platform where Customer has interacted with the Merchant
UserName Name of the User
UserEmail Email of the User (where provided)
UserMobile Mobile Number of the User (where provided)
UserGender Gender of the User (where available)
UserLocale Language Locale detected from User's device/browser
UserTimezone Timezone of User
LastActive Date where User last interacted with the Merchant
CustomTags Tags entered on Jumper's Live Chat Dashboard
CustomFields Custom Fields entered on Jumper's Live Chat Dashboard
NoOfPaidOrders No of Orders where payment has been made
PaidOrderValue Total value of Paid Orders
OrderNumbers Order Ids of Paid Orders
UnpaidOrderValue Total value of Unpaid Orders (ie Orders that have checked out and not paid)
ItemInCartValue Total Value of Carts that have been abandoned.

Note: This export is based on User Activities in the past 180 days.
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